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also who's Gene?

Gene Jeter is a writer, web designer, and photographer in Knoxville, TN. You'll usually find him by a campfire with a beer in hand.

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Welcome to Mene Gean's No-Bullshit Cookbook, a blog for cooking, recipes, and related shit. My content includes unprofessional phone pictures of food, bad language, typos, and half-assed recipes that may or may not have exact measurements. You probably need to have some experience with cooking under your belt to follow them because I am kind of a cooking anarchist, and there is often 'eyeballing' involved when it comes to ingredients and cooking times. You also need a sense of humor and the ability to take cooking failures in stride. I am not responsible for how your food turns out unless it turns out good, in which case I am willing be at least partially responsible.

i don't make any money off this

If you'd like to help me fund my kitchen shenanigans, I do have a Venmo and I'm grateful for every cent. Thank you :)


i have some stipulations

Read my Disclaimer.


what do you get out of this?

Some no-bullshit recipes and all my limited home cook know-how without a bunch of scrolling or some chatty white lady waxing poetic at you about the benefits of chia seed. Otherwise, nothing.

send me something. don't be a dick.

I don't take requests. BUT if you happen to submit a recipe below, I MIGHT try it out if I like the look of it, already have most of the ingredients, and am feelin' frisky. But don't be surprised if I butcher it and/or switch a bunch of it up on the fly because that's how I roll.
If you want to send me a photo of food you made, you'll have to use instagram.

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