thems the rules.


I cuss. I write in all caps sometimes. I don't always check for typos. This is honestly a terrible recipe website. But I REALLY LOVE FOOD and I want to SHARE IT WITH YOU


This is all for fun and I have no posting schedule. Recipes will be coming at you at random. If you don't get a new recipe in three weeks, it's probably because this isn't my actual job?????


You won't find any seafood recipes here. I'm allergic to fish and shellfish. Sorry, bub. But you can often sub shrimp for chicken and shit like that.


I don't take requests. With my budget (lol), that would be totally unsustainable. I cook what I want when I have the time and money to cook it, and I share recipes for my food when I feel like it's share-worthy. You can only request recipes if you're someone I know personally who's eaten or seen something I've already made and you really want the recipe for it.


Currently, there is no public comment system. This is mostly because if you give people a microphone, 50% of them will be huge dickburgers, so if you want to send me recipe feedback or pictures of the version you cooked at home, message me or tag me on Instagram.

get you some recipes