Instant Ramen, but SEXY

here's what you'll need

First, let's get one thing straight: For the love of all that is good and holy do NOT add salt. Instant ramen has more sodium in it than should be legal so DO NOT ADD SALT for fucks sake.

Okay here we go...

Random Things That Make Ramen Good:
    a fried or poached egg - the yolk makes the broth all rich and shit
    Any leftover cooked meat, such as...
    Pork tenderloin
    - Hormel makes a good one. I like the peppercorn, but they also have a teriyaki one
    Shredded cooked chicken
    Pork bellyyyy
    Leftover steak from the Texas Roadhouse (I'm kidding don't ever go there, dear god)
    idk, use your imagination
    chopped green onions
    bean sprouts

    peas 'n' carrots - I shit you not, Walmart has a bag of peas and carrots you can keep in the freezer indefinitely. Makes many ramens.
    pieces of fresh carrot too!
    bok choy
    snow peas
    dried seaweed
    pickled ginger
    leafy greens (cabbage, spinach, etc)
    sliced radish

    coconut milk
    lemon grass
    black pepper
    sesame seeds

    fresh minced ginger (or ground)
    garlic paste (or powdered)
    onion powder
    curry powder
    peanut butter
    (i'm serious)
    hoisin sauce
    chili oil
    hot sauce
    red pepper flakes

    ground cayenne pepper
    thai chiles
    your fav hot pepper paste
    alllll the peppers

let's make this shit

Choose your pre-cooked or leftover meat option and slice it all pretty and put it in the bottom of your ramen bowl. You don't need to warm it up.

Cut up or prepare any veggie toppings you're going to add.

Prepare your boiled egg if you're into that. If you prefer a poached egg, you can poach it directly in the ramen while it's cooking. For fried, you can heat up your pan ahead of time and then quickly fry it when the ramen is done (my fav).

Grab a packet of your favorite instant ramen - Top Ramen, Maruchan, Nissin, whatever you like.

Follow the instructions to get it started. I use the soupy kind, so I start by boiling the water and adding the flavor packet. Then I add any veggies I need to be cooked through, like my frozen peas and carrots, for example.

This is also where I add any dry seasonings. My go-to is curry powder, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and onion power.

Throw in the noodles and cook per the instructions on the packet. While the noodles cook, I usually add my soft flavoring agents, like minced ginger paste, garlic paste, hot pepper paste, and a tiny dab of peanut butter (trust me).

Dump the finished soup over the meat in your ramen bowl.

If you're going to add a fried egg (my fav), this is where you cook it. I recommend putting butter in the pan first to keep it from sticking. Make the egg "over easy." You want a nice runny yolk you can burst and stir into your soup when you sit down to eat. Makes it rich and creamy.

Add your veggie toppings of choice. I usually go with: cilantro, green onions, and fresh carrot strips. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top.


Some good flavor combinations:
  • Coconut milk (cooked into the broth), lemon grass, cilantro, lime, Thai chile
  • Curry powder, minced ginger, peanut butter, peanuts, chili oil, green onion, bean sprouts
  • Hoisin sauce, sweet basil, bean sprouts, jalepeno, lime
  • SPICY AS FUCK: chili oil, sriracha, jalepenos, cilantro, green onion, garlic paste